Brand Style Guide


Brands That Flourish Brand Style Guide depicts how all of the various elements of your brand interact with each other in any of your branded content and is key to guaranteeing consistency across all of your marketing materials. Whether it’s your marketing team creating a new social media campaign, your sales team pulling together a pitch deck, or your newest team member ordering up business cards, you want to be sure that all of the elements of your brand’s style look the same across the board.

Your Brand Style Guide will be customized to showcase the elements most important to your usage. These could include

  • Logo requirements
    • Logo color variations that have been approved
    • Clear zone (the area around the logo that must be free of any other graphics or typography)
    • Logo’s minimum size and placement
    • Possible variations of logo (ex: horizontal or vertical orientation)
  • Color palette guide (pantone/cmyk/rgb colors)
  • Preferred fonts and heading sizes (establishing hierarchy)
  • Layout templates for different types of content
  • Letterhead
    • how the business name is used
    • usage of contact information
  • Content
    • how team members are portrayed
    • Social Media layouts
    • Press Kit for partner comarketing

Ask about our customized additional  Brand Guide services.

Brands That Flourish can also provide password protected online access to your brand guide and brand assets for your remote team to maintain synchronicity of all of your brand assets and guarantee appropriate usage.